Thursday, June 3, 2010

Logistics, placement and fund-raising

Since the last time I wrote there have been some major developments in my life and in preparation for South Africa. Firstly, I am a college graduate! Hooray! I graduated on May 23rd and it seems I’ve been in a whirlwind ever since! Especially with trying preparing all kinds of documentation for my Visa before I get ready and start at camp on Sunday! Insanity! We are getting traction though, it seems… on most things. There seem to be a million tiny details! It’s somewhat stressful and yet, in the chaos, I still find for myself little moments in which I realize that I literally have less than 2 complete weeks of being home between now and when I leave the country. Working at my camp will be awesome. But it will take me away from my home for the majority of the summer. It won’t be easy!

Specific details about my actual time in South Africa also are quickly unfolding! I received my placement information on Tuesday! It turns out I will be living just East (about 15 miles) of the very large city of Johannesburg in a smaller suburban-type sounding city of Boksburg. I also have been primarily matched with a care center that works with the terminally ill and a specific branch of the center (it sounds like) which works on developing children from infancy through 12 years old. The program sounds like a great match for me and it also sounds like there are lots of other opportunities to explore within the “Eastern Circuit” diocese of the church such as parish ministries, music education and youth group and bible study type ministries. So we shall see. For now, it sounds incredible!

Also, there have been some major developments in my fund-raising efforts! I have decided to collect donations through Faith Lutheran Church in Blakeslee, PA where I have interned for several summers. The people up there know me pretty well and are familiar with what I’ve been up to the last few years so when they offered to hold my funds, I was more than happy to work with them! SO, a word about fundraising!

As I said in last month's post, each volunteer is asked to raise about $4,000 towards their support costs for the year. I’m not very good at asking people for money but when I start to think about it, it really is an awesome way to invite people to be part of the journey in a very real and practical way. So if you are interested in supporting me in this way, you can send checks to: Faith Lutheran Church, P.O. Box 228, Blakeslee, PA 18610. And you can make checks payable to “Faith Lutheran Church” with YAGM in the Memo line. Thanks for considering it!

I’m excited at the prospect of having a whole network of supporters and contributors who will receive my newsletter updates and will be praying for me throughout the year. It’s so comforting to know this will be a reality soon! =)

That’s all for now, I think. If you’re interested in hearing more or being on my email list, feel free to email me anytime at